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3/26/09 Re-Redesign of my site in wordpress.
9/24/08 Redesign of my website.
8/09/06 Got a couple of stories up in the My world section.
8/04/06 Wow I haven’t touched this page in a long time. Gonna start working on it again. Got my guestbook up and running.
10/01/03 Working on my world area at the moment.. trying to get it
up. It’s going to take me a long time before I get it up fully.
9/28/03 Finally did a little updating. Mostly added some pics I’ve
had scanned for a long time. Just never linked them. Also got a new guestbook and web counter.
4/09/01 Lots of updating. Adding a ton of new pics to the fantasy
AD&D area. Right now working on the myworld link. Hopefully will be up soon.
3/17/01 Just added Guest book area.. and some new/old pics.. enjoy
3/13/01 Rebuilding web page and uploading it. Mostly digging thru my folder bins for old artwork to scan and post up. Luckily I’ve found alot of my old art.
2/26/01 Working on page.. Just trying to get done as much as possible
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