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So back to the Key Club for me and my friend Warren. All the recent concerts I’ve attended here in the last few weeks, it’s a pretty decent place for a concert, though I prefer the House of Blues or the Wiltern, Anyway on with the Concert stuff.

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Edguy, Epicurean, Luna mortis, Statius, Ritual habits and Omega at the Key Club rocking out.

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Last night I went and saw Sonata Arctica playing with Dragonforce at the House of Blues in Hollywood, California. I attended this event with a couple of friends.

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Epica has announced US tour dates on their website. Last time they came out to the US, Simone was sick with a staph infection and Amanda covered for her. I am pretty excited to finally get a chance to see her live. They will be touring with Daath and Blackguard. © 2019 Powered by Wordpress.