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I recently finished reading all of Black Cat, Not bad overall. It was a very fun manga. All of the characters are unique in their own way and don’t bore you at all. Like “oh great this guy again.. sigh zzzzz”. The total series is 20 volumes. Here’s a quick Summary In the world of […]

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I’ve been reading Black God for awhile now and so far I like the story. The back story on Black God is about a teenager named Keita Ibuki who is 19-year-old independent and struggling freelance computer programmer. He has a chance meeting on one night with a high Mototsumitama named Kuro while eating alone at […]

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A few months ago I started reading the manga for Hellsing published by Dark Horse Comics and since then have been fully enjoying it. It’s a lot better then the loosely based OVA version and goes into much fuller detail. You really get to know the characters more and what makes them tick. Recently they […] © 2019 Powered by Wordpress.