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So I went to Blizzcon this year and had a blast. It was held again at the Anaheim Convention Center which starting to be a bit little for this event now. They decided to sell more tickets then last year from what it felt like. It was pretty crowded being there on the show floor.

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Seriously awesome! Got my 310 mount from Ulduar tonight, I missed out on Freya last time my guild went through it. In patch 3.2 the achievement to obtain this mount and the Ironbound (25 man) will be removed from the game.

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I decided to search around for a decent joystick for ps3. A lot of new fighting games set to come out like Blazblue and KoF 12. The Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition looked promising. I had read bad things about the Normal version of this joystick having low quality parts and breaking.

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My guild finally made it to Algalon 10 man version. Seriously a pain in the ass fight for our tanks. He dual wields and swings pretty fast. After an hour of attempts we couldn’t get him down, though we learned the whole fight. Hopefully next week time. © 2019 Powered by Wordpress.