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So back to the Key Club for me and my friend Warren. All the recent concerts I’ve attended here in the last few weeks, it’s a pretty decent place for a concert, though I prefer the House of Blues or the Wiltern, Anyway on with the Concert stuff.

Celestial Burn – This band sorta reminded of a jp rock band, they could use a lot of work. The lead singer needs some voice training his keeping his tones straight. They did a cover of Kamelot’s “The Human Stain” which I enjoyed.

Seven Seraphim – This band is not bad at all, though I felt their guitarist who seemed to steal show could stand not so robotic like.

Shadows EntwinedShadows Entwined – This band seems to have a strong fan based and everybody was cheering their name to come on. They’re really good band with a good melodic feel to them. I chatted for a bit with their lead singer, really friendly.

Prodigal Son – This mexican metal group was pretty good but was kinda confused on how Shadows Entwined had to play before them.

Stratovarius – Very Awesome band, everybody was cheering them on. Everybody in this band is extremely talented, I would strongly suggest seeing them if you can.

Ended up grabbing a Stratovarius tour t-shirt.

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