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EdguyTonights concert is Edguy, Epicurean, Luna mortis, Statius, Ritual habits and Omega at the Key Club.

My friend Warren and I showed up kinda early and the place didn’t fill in until Edguy came on stage. But I guess that’s usual for a Tuesday night concert.

Lets get down to concert review

StatiusEpicurean – This Russian band first started their set with fantasy metal something like Rapsody or Dragonland might play. I really liked the song alot, since I do listen to a lot of that genre. After that they played some Russian lyric’d metal. Their act was pretty good, afterward I found them at the bar doing shots. hehe. Though after doing some research I guess there’s 2 bands with the same name.

Omega – As soon as saw the lead step out onto the stage we knew something was up with this band. He was armed with an Accordion. They play style of Pirate metal and themed about ale and women. The singing style was talking to the rhythm. They were enjoyable.

Statius – This band is extremely good and I can see them going places. They’re a melodic death metal. I would suggest checking them out. I chatted for a bit with their lead singer, very friendly guy.

Luna MortisLuna Mortis – A buddy of mine really liked this band, I had issues with the lead singers voice when I had heard them before. When seeing them in concert I still had issues with her singing. I think she needs some work on her tones then she could be very good. Some of their songs were very unbalanced in sync. I think they need a lot of work, But overall they got the crowd going and she had good stage presence.

Ritual Habits – This band was alright.

Edguy – Awesome band as usual. Loved them the first time I saw them and now the second. If you get a chance to see Edguy live, DO IT!.

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