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2centsLast night I went and saw Sonata Arctica playing with Dragonforce at the House of Blues in Hollywood, California. I attended this event with a couple of friends.

2cents – Very good band, I would strongly suggest checking them out. They’re a heavy metal band based out of Malibu, Ca. They’re a very friendly band and was able to shake hands with the lead drum/singer Adam. During their performance they stop due to a guy texting in the audience. “Hey are you texting during a metal concert?What the hell is wrong with you? You come here to the show and pay. You’re surrounded by tits and all you’re doing is texting?”Taking Dawn Everybody in the crowd was booing at the guy. It was hilarious, then they continued playing.

Taking Dawn – Think this band used to be called 7th Son. They’re a Las Vegas based metal band. They’re not a bad band, some of their stuff is decent.

Sonata Arctica – Only reason I went to this concert was to see them. They only played 4 songs unfortunately. I was talking to a guy in the audience who mentioned the lead singer Tony Kakko had been not feeling well. So this might explain it, he had seen them previously the other night at the Galaxy where Tony had apparently messed up on a few songs. But it was still Sonata Arcticaawesome to see them.

Dragon Force – Not a bad performance, but same as last time I saw them. Though I hate their laser lights during their show, damn things kept blinding me. They brought up 2 kids on stage again as the same for their concert at the Wiltern. I am wondering if these kids follow them around, or perhaps they’re Macintosh’s kids.

Overall, it was a great concert. I walked with a Sonata Arctica tour t-shirt.

Dragon Force

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