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Blizzcon 2009

So I went to Blizzcon this year and had a blast. It was held again at the Anaheim Convention Center which starting to be a bit little for this event now. They decided to sell more tickets then last year from what it felt like. It was pretty crowded being there on the show floor.

I got to see all the World of Warcraft panels and all the upcoming things for the next expansion, “Cataclysm“. They’re basically going to revamp all of WoW probably to compete with all upcoming new MMO’s. They announced Worgen and Goblin will be playable races which had been leaked on MMO Champion a few days earlier.

Some of the new systems they’ll be introducing such as Path of the Titans looks very interesting and love the fact you can always respec if you want later on.

Monk classI am extremely happy with the fact of the new world change they’ll be adding in the missed dungeons and zones which were never finished in vanilla WoW. Everybody was cheering when this was announced. They got too many questions about it last year when Wrath of the Lich King was announced.

The final dungeon before the expansion comes out will Icecrown Citadel and it will feature 12 bosses with 4 floors. One of the interesting battles they pointed out would be a race on airships between your faction (horde or alliance) vs the opposite faction. Since you’re both trying to be the first ones to kill Arthas. You’ll have rocket packs so you can jump between both ships. Sounds pretty cool, hopefully they can pull this off.

noobI did catch some of the Diablo 3 panels but where they announced the new playable class as the “Monk”. Should be good fun, there’s only 1 more class to go.

The goodie bag this year was a little smaller compared to last years. They did give us a figure from the N00b series and the usual stuff, such as Authenticator and Handwash.

This years bonus for attending was “Grunty the Murloc Marine”. Who’s a Murloc in power armor with a rifle. In game in he sometimes shoots off his rifle or fires off a rocket which flies off into the air randomly. Though it’s funny when he comes across the “Zerling” pet from the original World of Warcraft Collectors Edition box. They both can attack each other if they’re close by. The Zergling will run over to Grunty and deal damage to him, He then explored in a green explosion of body parts, armor and blood. If Grunty draws first on the Zergling, he can just shoot him dead.

GruntyI was able to hang out with a bunch of my guild mates from Reckoning on Dragonblight. We had a blast getting drunk and goofing off on both nights.

Overall Blizzcon was very enjoyable, I just hated the fact that some of the World of Warcraft panels were held in the smaller stage area which made no sense what so ever to make room for Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2. When looking at the crowd that had gathered 80% of everybody was there for WoW and the panels for the D3 and S2 were often empty or at least the first 2 rows were only taken.

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