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So I’m going again this year to Blizzcon in Anahiem, California on August 21-22 of 2009. Tickets were super easy to get this time around with a small wait queue. Instead of last year’s suckage, where it me a few days and many, many tries. Finally blizzard did good with the ticket sales. A bunch […]

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So we were failing bad at Yogg in 25 man Ulduar and Sarkis comes onto vent. The first thing we hear is his guitar playing then he busts into a song about how we need to dps faster. The whole guild was laughing hard and it was awesome. Song link Sarkis’s Song lead us to […]

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I recently finished reading all of Black Cat, Not bad overall. It was a very fun manga. All of the characters are unique in their own way and don’t bore you at all. Like “oh great this guy again.. sigh zzzzz”. The total series is 20 volumes. Here’s a quick Summary In the world of […] © 2019 Powered by Wordpress.