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I attended the recent Disturbed Concerted Featured by KROQ at the Palladium in Hollywood, California. I went to the concert with a couple of my friends (Jen, Warren and Travis), The place was packed full of people. Jen was telling me they had just reopened the Palladium since the place was pretty old. We both decided […]

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My friend Warren had been raving about this band called “Stolen Babies” which is a local Southern California group that he had seen previously before. While I was looking through ticket master I had discovered they were on tour. I quickly notified him about it and we got tickets for the event. Lordi and Lizzy […]

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I was able to get tickets to Dragonforce with Turisas and Powerglove. Originally this venue was going to be at the Palladium but they moved it to the Wiltern which was a good choice. I attended this concert with 3 of my friends. (Warren, Travis and Eric.). Powerglove – This band does cover music of […] © 2019 Powered by Wordpress.