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On October 28th I was able to see Apocalyptica with Warren at the Avalon in Hollywood, Ca. It was an awesome performance and they played a ton of their best stuff.  Some feature songs they played were Blackened, Enter Sandman, One and Kill them All by Metallica. They also had 2 guest singers to do […]

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I recently attended the Kamelot with Edguy Concert with my good friend Warren at the Keyclub in Hollywood, Ca. We had a blast there and enjoyed the concert. They had 2 openers at the concert Vaylor and Deception. Vaylor This metal band that has a lot of potentiality to be very good. They’re very Metallica […]

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Wow, what a week this has been for me. First the Opeth concert then Blizzcon and now this! So lets get down to it, As usual my buddy Warren accompanied me to the House of Blues in Hollywood, Ca. Tonight’s show was Virgin Black, Samael with Amorphis head lining. Originally Leave’s Eyes was supposed to […]

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Wow I was able to get tickets for Blizzcon in Anahiem, Ca, I went with my girlfriend Kim. I got a room at a local hotel so we didn’t have to drive back and forth every day and it paid off. While I was there I was able to meet a few guild mates from […] © 2019 Powered by Wordpress.